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457 – Temporary Work Visas

This visa is the most common choice among employers who wish to fund their overseas workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

Am I eligible for a Temporary Skilled Visa?

The eligible employers may be Australian businesses or foreign businesses. This visa is designed for employers who are willing to take on overseas workers to fill the gap nominated skilled positions in Australia. This visa allows you to employ overseas workers for the period of between 3 months and four years..

Employer & Position Requirements for the Temporary Skilled Visa

In order to employ skilled workers from overseas , an employer has to be first accepted as a sponsor.

As an employer with an enterprise operating on the territory of Australia you have to satisfy the score requirements related to the training of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Normally, you have to declare that value of 1% of gross wages is or will be spent on training annually.

If your business has no formal operating branch in Australia, you have the option to apply to bring employees to Australia to perform of the following tasks:

  • set up a business operation in Australia
  • fulfill obligations for a contract or other business activity in Australia
  • note: Overseas Business Sponsors do not have to be operating in Australia but may be required to meet other employer acceptability requirements.
  • From 27 June 2009, there has been a requirement for sponsors under subclass 457 visa program to declare that they have a strong record of, or have shown active commitment to:
    • employing local labour
    • non-discriminatory employment practices

To enable meeting of this requirement, there must be nothing disadvantageous known about the business or a person affiliated with the enterprise.

Employer & Position Requirements for the Temporary Skilled Visa

If you are an employee, you have to meet all of the following requirements:

  • You have to be funded by an employer in order to be able to fill a nominated position.
  • You need to possess skills, qualifications, experience and an employment background which are relevant to those required in a given position.
  • You must show a level of fluency in English appropriate for to the position. There is a number of countries whose passport holders do not need to meet this requirement.
  • You have to be entitled to any relevant licences or registration required for the nominated position if necessary.
  • You have to be able to show that you are going to be paid no less than the minimum salary level applicable at the time a decision for your visa is being made (Currently $51,400.00) and at a level on par with an Australian employee in the Australian labour market.

You may apply for this visa when you are in Australia, only if the previous visa you held is on the prequalifying list.

Skills assessment

There is a requirement that all individuals applying for the visa have to meet the specific criteria before being granted a visa. Therefore, 457 visa applicants have to demonstrate sufficient skills required for a given position. Note that Australia will perform more thorough skills assessments to verify the skills declared by the applicants if the safety is on the line, or in order to prevent fraud.

Australia is a country that is continuously improving its skills assessment so as to provide for formal skills testing of required by some of the trade occupations. The pilot of this scheme will start on 1 July 2009 and is going to be extended accordingly as capacities are increased.

Benefits of a Temporary Skilled Visa

Being holders of this visa, people you employ from foreign countries have the right to:

  • work in Australia for a period of between three (3) months and four (4) years
  • bring any qualifying secondary applicants with them to Australia – secondary applicants also have the right to work and study in Australia
  • (after entering Australia,) unlimited number of travels to and out of Australia

Visa Charges

The amount of money the government charges for the sponsorship, nomination and visa application is $960.00

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