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Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) lets employers in areas of Australia which are scarcely populated fund the permanent visa to work in Australia for employees who are of foreign origin.

Am I eligible for the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme?

The employees who wish to apply for a visa can be either:

  • skilled workers from abroad or
  • skilled temporary residents who are currently staying in Australia

It is possible for the applicants to apply both in and outside of Australia for RSMS visa.

Note: To be able to apply entitled to a bridging visa, one must hold a substantive visa or relevant bridging visa at the time of applying for the RSMS visa.

Remaining Requirements for the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme

Direct Entry

A regional certifying body has to first check the assigned position against the following criteria:

  • The enterprise has to be actively and operating in Regional Australia in compliance with the law
  • The position has to be available for no shorter than 2 (two) years
  • The enterprise needs a person for the nominated position and does meet the market rate requirement

Additionally, the department is also going to assess the application against the following criteria:

  • the assignment has been accepted by the relevant Regional Certifying Body
  • the enterprise operates in compliance with all relevant Australian laws and has an adequate record of meeting immigration laws (if applicable)
  • the assigned position is in an enterprise managed by the employer
  • the remuneration in the position is in accordance with relevant workplace legislation and awards.

The Employee has to:

  • have the necessary qualifications and/or work experience for the assigned position which are equivalent to the Australian norms (Skills Assessment may be required in some circumstances)
  • meet any compulsory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements which allow you to work while not being supervised and without any additional training sessions
  • be offered a full time position for a fixed term of at least two years (supported by a copy of a contract or letter of appointment signed by both parties)
  • be younger than 50
  • have a level of competent fluency in English

Note:  Some of the requirements are subject to exemption

Temporary Residence Transition stream

If you already have previous experience working for your assigned employer for two years in Australia, your skills will not be assessed.

Your level of English has to be enable you to work without difficulties. Regional Certification is not necessary in the case of this steam.

This stream is exclusive to holders of a subclass 457 visa. Holders of remaining 400 series visas may qualify to apply for a permanent residence visa through the Direct Entry stream.

Benefits of the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme

This visa allows employers operating in regional and scarcely populated areas of Australia to fund skilled workers who can fill skilled vacancies in their enterprise.

Visa Charges

  • Regional Certification Fee: $440.00 - 550.00
  • Visa: $3060.00
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