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Contributory Parents Visa

In order to get this visa you have to be funded by your child, or another qualifying sponsor in the territory of Australia.

Am I eligible for a Contributory Parent Visa?

You have to have a child who permanently lives in Australia and is either an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or a qualifying citizen of New Zealand.

Your visa has to be sponsored by a qualifying sponsor, usually, your child. If your child is younger than 18, your visa can also be funded by your child’s spouse, a close family member or a legal guardian of your child or by a close family member or legal guardian of your child’s spouse or a community organization.

You have to have a person who will be ready and willing to provide you with an Assurance of Support.

Remaining Requirements for a Contributory Parent Visa

To enable granting of this visa, half of your children have to be permanently residing in Australia in compliance with the balance of family test. Alternatively, you must have more children permanently residing in Australia than in any other single foreign country.

It is possible to apply this visa for onshore providing your currently visa is not restricted in any way.

Advantages of being a holder of a Contributory Parent Visa

This visa allows parents to move to Australia permanently in order to join their children who have been living in Australia for some time.

Visa Charges

  • 1st instalment: $1,995.00
  • 2nd instalment: $40,015.00
  • 2nd instalment (For applicants younger than 18): $1,730.00
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