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Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) - Offshore

This visa gives you the right to enter the territory of Australia in order to marry your prospective spouse during the period of visa's validity - nine (9) months.

Your fiancé(e) has to be either an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a qualifying New Zealand citizen.

Am I eligible for a Prospective Marriage Visa (300) - Offshore?

The main reason why people apply for this specific visa is that they want to migrate to Australia, marry a prospective spouse and continue living there as husband and wife. You really have to be willing to both marry them and continue living together with them.

You have to be sponsored be a qualifying sponsor. This person has to undertake sponsorship commitments and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a qualifying citizen of New Zealand. More often than not the sponsor is your partner who is older than 18.

Remaining Requirements for a Prospective Marriage Visa (300) - Offshore

You have to be able to legally get married, in compliance with Australian law, which means you have to be at least 18 years old. If you are older than 16 but younger than 18 years old you need a court order from the Australian court that will specifically allow you to marry your prospective spouse. You also qualify if both of you are of legal marriageable age at the time of intended marriage.

Your Australian fiancé(e) may be aged under 18 years providing they obtain the court order allowing them to marry you. In such case, their parent or guardian have to fund your visa, moreover they must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a qualifying citizen of New Zealand.

Only the couples of the opposite sex qualify for this visa. Homosexual couples do not qualify for this visa .
Another requirement is that you (as adults) really do know personally, and have met the prospective spouse. This also applies to arranged marriages if you and your sponsor first met as minors and your marriage was arranged before you came of age and to marriages with people you met on the Internet. Even if you have exchanged the photographs with your prospective spouse it is not evidence that you met them personally.

Benefits of the Prospective Marriage Visa (300) - Offshore

As a holder of this visa you have to enter Australia before marrying your fiance(é). You may leave and return to Australia as many times as you please until your visa terminates (9 months after being issued). You have the right to work and study but you will not receive government funding. After marrying your fiance(é), you can apply for a Spouse visa which will further grant you the right to hospital care assistance scheme as well as Medicare.

Visa Charges

Visa Application Charge - $1,995.00

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