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485 Graduate (Onshore)

This onshore visa is dedicated to international students studying in Australia who fail to meet the requirements for permanent skilled migration to Australia.

Requirements for Graduate Skilled Visa (485)

Applicants have to meet the two year study requirement (during past six months) by completing an Australian degree, diploma or trade qualification.

When you apply you have to hold or have held during past 6 months a qualifying student visa. Additionally you have to be younger than 50 at the time of applying.

You have to be able to choose an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List, one that is closely related to your studies. If you choose a professional occupation you have to have ‘competent’ level of English. If you, however, choose trade profession, then your level of English has to be ‘vocational’

Advantages of being a holder of the Graduate Skilled Visa (485)

Students who graduate may stay in Australia for up to additional 18 months to complete the post-graduate professional year, in result gaining work experience on the Australian job market and increasing their English skills.

Visa Charges

1st instalment of $270.00 (AUD) is payable at the time of making the application.

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